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Who We Are and What We're About
We crack a few jokes, we crack a few heads, and we craft.

We're the kind of guild that sets up a raid group to hunt down illusive Data Cubes and hidden books. We band together to take down world bosses. Also more often than not you'll see more than one of us roaming around together to get things done.

We're a little more selective about our members than most other guilds. You'll see us in game, but you're not going to see zone shouts or the like. Our philosophy is that our guild is like our home. You don't let strangers wander into your living room right? If we get to know you and we think you'll fit, you'll get an invite. Well if you want one.

If you're on the lookout for a guild and this sounds good to you, we may have a spot for you. Leave a recruitment post in our Forum or just hit up Geistig or Brutesquad in game. We'll chat it out with ya.
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